d3 natural system

our intent

Leave your footprint.

What is nature?

Does nature still exist ?

These questions are of growing importance based on the development of mankind in the last 200 years.
75 million people a year is the current “expansion rate”. This means – growing energy needs and other threats to nature. Nearly everybody knows about global warming and other negative facts, but:

What do we do ?
Are we really sensitive enough ?
Do we feel responsible ?

Our system will demonstrate visually how much energy each individual consumer in daily live needs and what we all could do.
Mankind interacts with natural systems, but we cannot and should not change certain things like the need for breathing and gravitational forces.

Our proposed system “functions” with mankind, air and gravitation.
Everybody walks an average of 5km a day. This energy is added to our system. The body mass creates pressure step by step and can be transformed into air pressure. This air pressure can be used to pump up kind of a cushion. So the steps of a person generate space, air pressure, and energy. This energy can be stored during day time and used as lighting at night or in rooms without daylight.

The mobility behavior plays an important role in our contribution.
Everybody is mobile in our time. We use cars, airplanes, trains, as the population increases rapidly; we should focus on technologies, which preserve natural resources like trains or other public transportation system. Most of these systems operate in the underground, at least in European Cities and metropolitan areas. The current architecture of the subway stations is only „functional“ and based on „efficient engineering“. As a negative Aspect of underground station is the need of artificial lighting 24 hours a day, which costs million kilowatts of Energy. Energy only caused by streetlights and lighting underground pollutes the environment in a huge amount, approximately 20 million tones of Co2 only in Europe.
What we really need are attractive, user-friendly, eco-friendly and safe underground scenarios. Energy and light are the most important basics for such a new architecture. We create a spatial allocation plan, which revitalize underground space. This is part of our ideas and our concept.

In our system men is user and source at once.
That means:
Walking people slow down the energy usage and a new architecture concept is created: “ modify space through movement and light ”

Furthermore people are animated to increase their daily movement. The number of people walking is proportional to the cushion volume and the light intensity. We propose to temporary subdivide the rooms in smaller or bigger units depending on the day time.
The deformation of the air cushion is so directly related to the architecture and to space.
This idea can be extended to urban planning. New landscapes are interactively generated for leisure activities.
The underground and the urban space above it are directly connected creating transparency and a variation of spatial atmospheres.
Our contribution to “natural system d3” is an environmentally responsible, performance based design, on a human scale.

Moving people are a never ending energy source.


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