New York City MC Gallery

Unser Projekt – LEAVE YOUR FOOTPRINT- wurde ausgewählt für eine Ausstellung in NYC.

9. Mai -1. Juni MC Gallery Downtown Manhattan

Wir freuen uns sehr darüber und falls ihr zufällig in der Nähe seid, kommt vorbei !

d3 is pleased to announce the opening of the ‚d3 Natural Systems>Origins‘ exhibition at Gallery MC in Manhattan. The exhibition will run from May 9th through June 1st, Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm. The gallery will offer extended evening hours on May 9th from 6-8pm.

Sponsored by New York-based d3, the annual d3 Natural Systems international architectural design competition promotes investigation of ecological flows as a platform for architectonic innovation. The competition invites architects, designers, engineers, and students worldwide to collectively explore the potential of sustainable, nature-based influences in urbanism, architecture, interiors, and designed objects. Various international competition submissions representing a broad range of ecologically-relevant and cross-cultural design strategies will be displayed. Gallery MC is located in west Midtown Manhattan and provides a non-profit, multicultural, and interdisciplinary art gallery committed to the research, production, presentation, and interpretation of contemporary art and design. ‚d3 Natural Systems>Origins‘ was curated by Gregory Marinic, Director of Interior Architecture and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Houston, and principal of the New York/Houston-based architecture and design practice, Arquipelago.


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